01 Case Study Intro

Equipment Watch

Equipment Watch delivers a comprehensive data and tool set for heavy equipment industries. Customers include contractors, equipment managers, dealers, financiers and insurers. Equipment Watch has agreements with all 50 states to provide standardized hourly and project rates for all common types of construction equipment in the U.S.

Product Type: B2B SaaS App

Annual Revenue: $12 mil

Website: EquipmentWatch.com

Company: Penton

Role: Design Lead

Year: 2016

Work Types:

  • User Research
  • Wireframes
  • Visuals


  • Axure
  • Photoshop
  • Invision
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02 Discovery and Research

Excavating the world of heavy equipment.

We conducted interviews with current users to get a better understanding of real-world use cases and their relationship to the product. Based on the findings, we were able to intelligently organize the sitemap and prioritize the information and functionality within the pages.

It became apparent the upload feature was going to be a challenging feature to design. The ability to import equipment from other sources was going to be a compelling benefit to the users, but careful consideration had to be given in order to make the process intuitive.

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03 Wireframes

Laying the groundwork.

Wireframes enabled the team to solidify the product requirements. Functionality and user flows were closely examined and refined until product management, engineering and design were in sync. Hallway tests were conducted to get early feedback on more interactive features, such as upload, cost recovery, and serial number verification.

Natural language search was a major departure from industry standard UI patterns. While we were confident it would improve the experience, thorough consideration was given to ensure users understood that the reduced complexity delivered the same results.

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04 Visuals

Smoothing out the surface.

Comprehensive high-fidelity wireframes vastly eased the transition into the visual design phase. Combined with the branding guidelines provided by the marketing team, the app jumped to life with little effort. The user experience was enriched by continued user testing and refinement of UI features.

In-app conversion strategies were optimized for users who land on the equipment detail page from SERPs (one of the few pages publicly available). As a result product demo requests increased 3x after the launch of the new design.

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05 The Final Result

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